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Where it all begins !

Welcome to the birth of our little story !


"Haunted by the terrifying ghost of his Grandpa, Loup, a little boy obsessed with insects, will have to outcome his fear to discover why it came back."

This is our final pitch. But before getting to that we came a long way !

Birth of the idea

Swann came with this idea inspired by his own experience. As a little boy doesn't really understand the death of his grandpa, his brain creates a ghost to replace him. Stuck with each other, they will learn how to interact together.

Exploring what we wanted to say

With that begining point, we had a lot of different things we could explore through our story. A big part of the writing process was to find exactly what we wanted to say and try to tell a story that would carry that feeling.  

Kid Grief


Toxic masculinity

Kid point of view

Grandfather/grandson relationship

Loup and Fernand

The challenges of writing a short film

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