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bande storyboard.png
From story to movie !
The storyboard was a long and very important step of the production.
Starting from just words to imagining and drawing the whole continuity of a short film is a pretty intense work  !
The storyboard will be the guide and tool we will use to plan and prepare the rest of the production. It's also where the directing magic happens.
The first step is thumbnailing: Putting the scenes on paper for the first time in tiny little sketches. 

The objective was to have a rough first version so we would have material for correction and improvement !

Then comes all the chatting about the overall coherence of the scene, by itself and in the whole film.

Its when the hard work comes in ! Led by Swann who stood as a beacon of light in the brainstorm, we had a lot of animated discussion and back and forth during this phase. Thanks Captain !

The size difference between our characters was the heart of our staging direction. We played a lot with it.

Loup and Fernand can only truly communicate and understand each other when they are at the same height and it was important to emphasize that with our framing and camera choices. 

And last but not least, the cleaning phase ! Clear informations through clean line and grayscale is a must-have to guide the team and the audience.


Florian, our champ, did an amazingly efficient work with the cleaning of the board !

It's also when we detail and add more frames to fluidify the actions !

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