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Character Design


The characters are really the heart and center of our story.


Really Tall

For us, it was really important to work on them both at the same time so we can really dive into their relationship and dynamic. Our main focus through the charadesign process was to give them obstacles to communicate.


a 8 y.o curious little boy who loves insects.

CHARA_TEST_39_J (1).png
Too small for his shirt
Big Eyes
Bright colors
Insect lover

fernand's ghost

a 69 y.o rough old man who loved little things.

CHARA_TEST_28_J (1).png

For Fernand's ghost our main inspiration was our own grandfathers. We really wanted to make him look like how it felt looking at them as a child.

One Fernand's Ghost = Three Loup !


Also, his size played a big role in the staging as he always looks out of place in Loup's routine places.

Unlike Loup, we wanted to make him hard to read as he struggles to show his emotions :

frnd_sketch 02.PNG
frnd_sketch 01.PNG

So a big hat and a bushy beard were in order since the very first sketches !

Our last focus was something really special for us. His hands.


“Grandpas have big rough hands which do tiny delicate things.“

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