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the Artistic Direction




Or what will our film look like ?

Visual inspirations
For our world building, we knew we wanted to set the story in a familiar environment. We were inspired by our own childhood around 2008 and the french Provence. 
At the begining of our production, we even took a team trip to Uzès to take pictures as references !
We were really looking for an imperfect feel and as we were looking for our graphic direction we quickly opted for watercolor textures.
We loved that subtle roughness on Juliette's designs !
We also worked a lot on our backgrounds and chose to make them as busy as possible to give the feeling that there was a story there before, and there will be one after.


Finding our artistic direction was a big and complex moment in our production as we went through a lot !

At first, we really wanted to bring Juliette's designs to life. They had a watercolor feel and an organic sensibility that was really apealing to us but very challenging to find.
So we did a bunch of tests with V-ray :
image - 2023-07-20T191454.949.png
image - 2023-07-20T191453.471.png
image - 2023-07-20T191451.837.png
At this point we made three sets of texture for this asset : one for the highlight, one for the mid tones and one for the shadows; in order to later blend them in compositing :

But unfortunately we didn't like the result enough to dive into it further.
At that point, we kind of hit a wall. But we needed to spring back on our feet because time was ticking. So after a good night of rest, we did a key meeting. We centered ourself on defining again : What was important for our story ?
And we came down to this : an immersive and familiar universe, with an organic feel. That is what we wanted.
With that in mind, we paneled through our personal inspiration again. Quickly, a stopmotion vibe started to sound right. So Axel and Juliette began to experiment again with our new found ideas, this time with Arnold

before comp : 
after comp : 
"That's it !" We loved it right away. It had everything we were looking for and for the first time, we really could project ourselves through the entire film !
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