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Lighting and Compositing

Where light and colors comes in !
The main idea was to have a lighting that felt natural and helped the narration of our project. Every decision was made so it could lift the storytelling in the best way possible !
We had a lot of lighting inspiration from live action movies ! We spend a lot of effort trying to dissect how the live directors of photography used their lights and camera choices to enhence the story.
It really helped us defined our thinking process !
Once we knew what we wanted with lights, we still needed a plan.
That's where Juliette and the color board came in!
The color script made by Juliette was a nice starting point for the lighting intentions, so we tried our best to match and improve it !

The lighting phase has a very specific hierarchy and Axel made sure to carefully divide the lighting in master, key and child shots. For each scene, he created a standard light rig for the master shot that would be reused for all the key and child shots in the scene !

seq011-sht030_v0002_1168 (1).png
Child 3
image (9).png
Key 1
Child 1
Key 2
Child 2
The main challenge was to make the master shots flexible enough to easily adapt them to each key and child shot !

Here is a video showing a typical lighting scene in the production of our short :


The Compositing was thought to bring all the nice live camera properties into our CGI medium.  They really dug deep into stuff like depth of field, bokeh, anamorphic ratio, lens flare, lens dirt, glow and more. “All the good stuff” as Axel calls it !


All these details really helped break the perfect aspect of a raw maya render. It added that life and imperfection to it, which is our most important guideline for the short film and the story.

As it comes at the very end of the production when everyone is tired, one very important aspect of the compositing is the workflow

 Axel did an amazing job preparing everything for when the time comes. By building a good and solid script to drive everything, he allowed us to gain a lot of time and cohesion so we really could focus on the little details and color work !


Here are two breakdowns of two different shots of the short !

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