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Modeling and Surfacing

Time to create all the good stuff !
Now that the artistic direction was set, it was time to create all the little elements of our universe !
Above all, we had to make sure they all belong with each other and for that, we created our own workflow and rules to follow !
Rule Number 1 : The shapes

We really wanted to have that organic feel that stop motion has so we banned any straight line or perfect circle, everything had to look like it was handmade. So all the props got into Zbrush !
Each object was first created and then hand sculpted into his final form to obtain that unperfect feel !
From this
To this
Rule Number 2 : The materials

What applies to our shapes has to happen in our surfacing as well. Each pattern is tiled a little to big to give a stop mo feel to it. We were very specific on what materials we wanted to use for everything. We also used a lot of brush patterns to emphasize that handmade look !
For exemple Loup's hair are made out of leather stripes !
Rule Number 3 : The colors

We really wanted each props to have a vibrant feel to it !The solution for us was to work on a lot of color touches and variation for every object, without losing their overall coherence in the whole set.
Rule Number 4 : The backgrounds tells stories

To add to that immersive and familiar feel, we wanted our background to feel really busy with stuff that will reflect and tell more about our characters. We wanted the spectator to be able to identifie at first glance which places belongs in Loup's routine and which one used to be in Fernand's.

It was really important for us to play with saturation and color palette to get each character to fit perfectly in their own space !
Fernand's workshop
Loup's bedRoom
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